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Elite Jr. Academy

2018 Fall/Winter Elite Academy Schedule


Elite I:  Monday-Friday 5:00-7:00pm
Elite II:  Tuesday & Thursday 4:00-5:30pm
Elite III:  Monday & Wednesday 4:00-5:30pm
HS Training:  Monday & Wednesday 5:30-7:00pm





Participants in Elite Academy One must play USTA tournaments, and/or be members of their High School Varsity or Junior Varsity team.  This class will challenge players, while focusing on technique and skill development.  All-court tennis skills are required.  Elite Academy One will have an emphasis on a wide range of drills that will simulate competitive match play.  We will also emphasize speed and agility work, which will allow players to work on their movement and recovery skills.

ELITE II: (Ages 10-14) 

Participants in Elite Academy Two will be playing with Green Dot Balls.  Students are becoming actively engaged in their tennis development, are fundamentally sound with their tennis movement, and have the ability to hit topspin. There will be an emphasis on advanced patterns and footwork to utilize the full court.  Dynamic balance drills , an understanding of proper angles and competitive point play will also be emphasized each session.

ELITE III: (Ages 7-10) 

Similar to Elite Academy Two, players in Elite III will be using red & orange balls.  participants will have a sound understanding of the forehand and backhand technique.  The ability to hit topspin will be fully developed  in this class.  We will emphasize the implementation of appropriate use of grips, including  continental, and the useful execution  of tennis specific footwork.        

                                                                     Please Note Our Billing Procedure

Please do not pay before the first day of your class.  Fees may be paid the first day or billed monthly and are due the 30th of the following month.  Please confirm your address, email and contact information at our front desk.

Current Academy participants receive a 10% discount on Racquets, Strings and Shoes.


*Questions/Details/Scheduling Exceptions:

Matt Halfpenny at 574-208-7878 or

Eric Mahone at 574-520-7998 or





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